UberShare (Concept)

UberShare (Concept)


For my business school capstone project I was tasked to create a business model innovation and prototype for Uber.


To create a service that provides a transportation solution for short-term traveling.

User Pain Points

Problem Statement

Uber does not have a solution to meet the price, flexibility, and duration needs of short-term traveling.

Executive Summary

UberShare will provide a dependable, flexible, and reliable short-term rental vehicles perfect for commuting and traveling for long periods of time.

Product Goals

I. Home & Map

The home screen is a geolocated list view of nearby vehicles in the user's area. This screen is intended to help users find available vehicles the day of the pickup rather than planning for a trip beforehand. There's also some filtration options allowing the user to customize the type of vehicle and price they're looking for. The map view is just another way for users to explore available vehicles in their area if they prefer a more visual experience.

II. Search & Results

The search screen is intended to help the user plan ahead and rent vehicles in advance. The user can explore cities that they're traveling to and tailor their pickup and drop off dates to match up with their upcoming trip.

III. Listing & Reservation

The listing screen displays all the important information about the rental including insurance, cost, vehicle details, included miles, pickup location, etc. This screen also allows the user to edit their trip dates and pickup/drop off times.

The reservation screen goes into more detail about the rental and allows the user to edit their insurance, enter in their personal driver information, and add their preferred payment method.

IV. Trip Manager & Messaging

Once the user has made a reservation for their rental vehicle they can view the important details about their upcoming trip in the trip manager. In this screen the user can view their trip dates, trip times, and the pickup and drop off location.

If they have any questions and/or concerns about their reservation they can message the vehicle host directly. This also allows the user to message the host before or during the trip if something were to arise regarding the vehicle or their reservation.