Product Joy
Publishing platform for product design and management
Design a minimum viable of the mobile app while keeping into consideration the goal of making the product into a cross-platform web and mobile experience.
Create an aesthetically pleasing and user-focused interface that promotes the creation of user generated content and thoughtful discussion. Additionally, create unified product guidelines and design system helping maintain consistency in the mobile app and assist with the future implementation of a web-based interface.
Discover featured and latest articles covering various product topics. Functionality also includes search, bookmarking, and dark mode for easier reading at night and reduction in blue light emitted from screen.
Article pages include the category, title, headline to give a brief overview of the content in the article, thumbnail to break up the headline from the body, and a body section for the article content.
The discussion board is where users can discuss about various topics about product. Each new message will have its own chat section showing on the individual board page. This will allow users to see recent messages and respond to each other.
If a user decides to engage in discussion and respond to a post, they will be taken to the response screen. In this screen users can read other users' responses and/or write their own.
The keyboard consists of the native component and a text area showing which board their message will be posted in and a preview of their message once the user begins typing.
The filter menu allows users to switch between board topics. These topics are organized under various categories like popular, tools, dev, other, etc.
User Profile
Snapshot of the user's article posts, discussion posts, and articles bookmarked for reading later.
Public Profile
The public profile includes the user's social media and website rather than the user controls. This will allow others to learn more about the user beyond their posts, responses, and bookmark list.
Settings for users to update their account information, social media accounts, and notifications.
New Post
Keyboard consists of a text button to adjust the heading size, quote for emphasizing a section of text, lists for making bulleted points, and an embed for video/photo, plugins, and code.