Let's Roam (Classic Hunt)

Let's Roam (Classic Hunt)


Let's Roam is an interactive scavenger hunt application available on iOS and Android. The current product offerings include standard, ghost, and bar hunts which are available worldwide in over 400 locations.


To create a new type of scavenger hunt that is free-form, flexible, and scalable for small and large groups in both indoor and outdoor environments.

User Pain Points

Product Goals

Executive Summary

Classic Hunts will provide a free-form, flexible, and delightful scavenger hunt that's available in both indoor and outdoor locations across the world.

Feature Narrative


My previous project consisted of building a design system of the mobile app from the ground up. This system allowed me reuse and repurpose components which made designing and developing the new product much more efficient.

This was also the first product where I was involved in the process from start to finish. This involved meeting with with PMs, content, marketing, sales, and engineering to review the work. Iteration after iteration was made to distill the MVP down to a very lightweight and user-friendly version of the product.

I. Home & Dashboard

The home screen is a list style view of all the uncompleted and completed challenges within the hunt. Users will be able to scroll through the list and complete the challenges of their choosing. These challenges will vary in difficulty and/or time which is reflected in the amount of points they're worth. Challenges with higher points will be prioritized to the top and completed challenges will be sent to the bottom. The home screen has some additional functionality such as total points, hunt progress, and a map view of check-in locations.

The dashboard provides some additional functionality for the user and allows them to contact support or visit the FAQ if they have any questions or run into any problems during their hunt.

II. Check-in Location & Challenges

In order to complete certain challenges, the user will be asked to check into certain locations. The check-in modal displays the current location selected (star pin), the total points, and how many challenges at the check-in. This modal also allows the user to view and select other check-in locations in the area (points = inactive state, Coors Field = active state). Once the user checks into the location a modal will pop up and displaying the available challenges in the area.

III. Challenges & Points

There will be three available challenge types in classic hunts: photo, video and trivia. Photo and video challenges will be taken directly to the app's camera functionality where users will be prompted with directions. For trivia there will be three different variations in which the user will be prompted to answer the question. Depending on the answer, word scramble (pictured above), multiple choice, and number slider variations will show up.

Once the user completes a challenge, they will be awarded the amount of points associated with that challenge. These points will contribute to the overall team score which is displayed on the home screen and their individual score will be displayed on the leaderboard.