Let's Roam

Interactive scavenger hunt application available on iOS and Android. The current product offerings include standard, ghost, and bar hunts which are available worldwide in over 400 locations.


To create a new type of scavenger hunt that is free-form, flexible, and scalable for small and large groups in both indoor and outdoor environments.

User Pain Points
  • Hunt Location – Every hunt offered in the app is handwritten so the amount of hunts available and their locations are dependent on our internal team of writers. Although the writers do a great job writing fun and engaging content, writing hunts at scale is challenging which leaves some areas with no available hunts.
  • Hunt Length – Many of the standard scavenger hunts involve a significant amount of walking and time to finish. For some users such a large amount of physical activity and time commitment can be too much forcing them to quit the hunt early.
Product Goals
  • Fun & Carefree – Scavenger hunts are fun, and there shouldn’t be any stress involved. The experience we create should be one that offers flexibility and guides the user, not dictating their experience.
  • Simplified Experience – The experience we create is one that should feel instinctual. Every interaction should come naturally, and all information should be presented with ultimate clarity, brevity, and simplicity.
  • Available Everywhere –Classic hunts should be available anywhere with an internet connection so everyone across the world can enjoy completing challenges.
Executive Summary

Classic Hunts will provide a free-form, flexible, and delightful scavenger hunt that's available in both indoor and outdoor locations across the world.

Feature Narrative
  • Challenges – Classic hunts will consist of three challenge types: photo, video, and trivia. Users will be able to complete challenges of their choice in any order.
  • Check-in Locations – Users will be asked to check into certain locations in their area in order to complete various challenges tied to those locations.
  • Points – Each player that completes a challenge will be awarded points. These points will contribute to the team's overall score and their individual position on the leaderboard.
  • Timer – These hunts will have a specific time limit based on the amount of challenges in the hunt and the distance of the check-in locations.
  • Completion – The goal is to complete as many challenges as possible within the time limit. The user will be able to see their progress through the ring animation and percent completed functionality.
Concluding Thoughts

This was the first product where I was involved in the process from start to finish. This involved multiple brainstorming and refinement meetings to conceptualize and review the designs. With strong collaboration, we we're able to make progressive iterations to distill the MVP down to a very lightweight and user-friendly product.

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