Consumer mobile app and B2B software specifically designed for full-service restaurant and bar loyalty reward programs.

This was a side project of mine that I removed from the App Store in July 2021.


As someone who enjoys exploring new restaurants and bars, I'm always looking for new ways to find and save at places in my area.

A fun product that I've enjoyed is called The Passport Program, which is a physical booklet offering 2-for-1 drink deals at restaurants and bars in various cities. This product is great because you not only save money on drinks but it's a great opportunity to invite a friend out for a drink.

The only problem with this product is the inconvenience of having to carry around a physical booklet when you go out. This inspired me to start designing and ultimately build what's essentially a digital version of this product.

Version 1

The initial concept was to build a consumer mobile app that would offer various food and drink deals at restaurants and bars in major cities. The model was a monthly subscription that would gives users access to all the promotions in their area.

Users would also be able to reclaim a past promotion after they claimed 5 promotions to further incentivize them to visit all the locations and keep them engaged.

Consumers would benefit from savings and partner locations would benefit from the increased foot traffic.

After talking with various peers about the concept, there seemed to be interest on the consumer side and based on the demand for the physical product, I decided to move forward with implementation.


After the product was about 75% developed, I started reaching out to potential partner locations. That was mistake number one, I started building before doing outreach with potential partners which eventually led to me identify some glaring problems in the concept.

One problem is although the physical booklet product has a lot of partners, those partners for the most part don't like being involved since the quality of the guests were low in the sense that they would stop in for the deal and leave right after without buying anything else.

This didn't lead long-term loyalty and incentivized bar/restaurant hopping so it was only beneficial for the consumers and not the partners.

Another problem is since guests tend to hop from one location to another, even if I were to convince a decent amount of partners to join, the churn rate of subscribers would be high since they would just claim all the promotions then cancel. Building a product solely reliant on new customer acquisition with poor CLV is a recipe for disaster.

Version 2

On the bright side, not all conversations with potential partners was doom and gloom. Some were happy to discuss and share ideas about a product that would be beneficial for not only consumers but also themselves.

Using the front-end UI and API built for version 1 as a foundation, I was able to pivot the product without starting from ground zero.

For the pivot rather than having a bunch of one-time promotions at partner locations, the new product will offer multiple reward tiers with different promotions that continuously incentives users to revisit locations.

This shifts the model from consumer subscriptions to B2B SaaS and addresses all the problems identified from version one.

Acting more as a digital loyalty program rather than a digital coupon book, this pivot provides value to not only consumers but also partner locations.

Next Steps

Now that the MVP for version 2 has been developed, the next step is to connect the Dorzia API to Webflow's CMS so partners can track their check-ins via their individual dashboard.

These partner dashboards will be automatically generated in Webflow with Memberstack and Zapier which is a no-code solution that will be used for the MVP.

Once this is done, I'll be shifting my focus from product towards sales, marketing, and user acquisition.


I've sunset this product to pursue more exciting projects in web3

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